Anonymous whispered: "tbh you're themes looks a lot like yukoki's js."

Really? I made all my themes before finding Yukoki and following her (plus, in all honesty, her themes are 100% better than mine, so you can’t really compare! Just imo, you guys should check her out if you haven’t already c:)

H i a t u s

Just a reminder that I’m on a hiatus for the time being. My ask box is now closed and please do not send me fan mail or send messages to my main blog! Sorry for the inconvenience and I will be back when possible, thanks :-)

Anonymous whispered: "how can you get your side bar on the left side of your blog for the sasuke theme?"

Replace the original codes with these:

#sidebar {
position: fixed;
left: 200px;
top: 120px;

#posts {
{block:IndexPage}width: 700px;{/block:IndexPage}
{block:PermalinkPage}width: 500px;{/block:PermalinkPage}
float: left;
margin-left: 500px;
margin-top: 10px;

You can place with the “left” and “margin-left” numbers until you’re satisfied with how it looks, then update preview and save

Anonymous whispered: "daisytema <--- i can't found the code of this theme, and i want it but i don't know what happen' i can't do click in the "x" :( heeelp"

Here you go

bluesapphireocean whispered: "I think that you have quite the rights to require(demand) from a little of respect and copyright on what you are doing and on your themes, you has to take time and of the imagination. It is of your creativity that brings out your themes and laws stipulate that every author / artist has right has the property, we take back your themes are to credit, him(her,it) appropriating... stole.. punish by laws. sorry for my english."

I do too, at least some! Thank you :) 

Edit: In case people get the wrong idea, I had help with coding from friends and my sister :))))

Anonymous whispered: "i tried reading through your faq about this, but i couldnt find anything. is there anyway to get rid of the tags on the eamaen theme?"

Ah. I will put up a tutorial on this asap

Edit: I will add a proper tutorial up later but for now…


Go down near the bottom of the code. Under the block ids ({block:Photo}, {block:Photoset} and so on) find the code above and delete it. Update preview and done :)

Anonymous whispered: "What do you mean for personal use, not public use?"

Personal use: Only you use it, you can customize it to your liking while keeping the credit

Public use: Basically stealing the theme and posting them publicly as yours

Anonymous whispered: "this person took your theme, edited it some and removed the credit - fyi wngxfei(.)tumblr(.)com"

Omg I went to it and laughed. Ty though!

Anonymous whispered: "no one gives a shit about your fucking rules, they're gonna do whatever the fuck they want with your themes anyway. stop being such a cunt, you have no power"

I have the power to take them down lol

Anonymous whispered: "do you plan on having hover tag codes on your themes in the near future?"

I do. It’s actually been requested a few times since I’ve been using hover tags for my own personal themes for a few months now, and I have definitely taken it into account, but I’ve been so busy I just can’t release any new themes at the time being. But definitely stay tuned for new themes because I’ve been working on some here and there :-)